left this space untouched for a super long time but decided it’s time to do a short update since it’s the new year. 

2015 disappeared way too fast, but I shall get excited for 2016 instead of dwelling too much in 2015. 

this year I saw the Lord’s protection and provision so much that I almost took it as a natural. got reminded of the divine plans and hands of God and I can’t help but feel ever so grateful for His faithfulness. 

being able to travel and provide for the family without worrying about finances may be the norm of most people but for me, the provision can only come from Jesus. I saw and experienced many different things but all left me marveling at His handiworks. I pray it will be the same in 2016. 

taking on my own classes for one whole academic year was challenging yet fulfilling. I don’t think I gave my best nor my all although it’s been a rather rewarding year. I pray it will be a better 2016 with wisdom and creativity. 

having an intact family isn’t something to be taken for granted as we grow older and I’m thankful for the Lord’s protection in this aspect. while things are not all rosy, I can trust in an unfailing Hope that 2016 will be the best year yet for our family. 

friends who walk life’s journey together are hard to come by and even harder to keep as the years go. I’ve not been the most available or best friend but Jesus’ favor still caused me to be surrounded by awesome friends. very thankful for loved ones who make time despite life’s busy schedules and I pray 2016 will be a year of increase in this area. 

walking into a new season with J is exciting and daunting at the same time but it’s been such a joyful season. I pray 2016 will be a year of milestones and that Jesus will always take the centrestage and remain the cornerstone of our relationship. 

I pray for provision, protection and purpose in this new year, and I know Daddy God will just exceed the expectations I have for the year. I call forth this year to be restful, beautiful and enjoyable in Jesus’ name 🙌🏻


be thankful;

my childhood memories came alive last week 😍 while it was an official duty, I’m thankful I get to watch the show as an accompanying adult!

entering the festive season and it’s my favorite time of the year although I hate that time is passing so fast. the mood is generally joyous, but getting annoying with so many cynics around, esp those who are complaining that 13th month is not a real bonus. 

firstly, 13th month is a given (at least for government sector). which means it isnt ‘bonus’ per se, because ‘bonus’ is above and beyond what you’re supposed to get. if they don’t give us 13th month, nobody will calculate that we’re supposed to get that sum of money. but now that it’s a practice to give us 13th month, people are being calculative about it. 

what’s disappointing is seeing Christians jump aboard the ‘shoot everything the government does’ boat. whatever happened to gratitude? 

Christmas is about us receiving the grace we didn’t deserve. stop spoiling this festive spirit with your cynical mindset. it’s when you start thinking big of yourself that you think you’re deserving of everything. it’s so tiring living a life where you feel the government and the world owes you everything. 

it’s not my place to comment on the way people choose to live their lives but of late I’ve noticed there are more and more of such people, and I’m making conscientious efforts to stay away from such people. 

if I can’t drown out these negative voices, then it’s wiser to keep a distance. 

jadedness comes so easily when you step into the working force, it’s quite sad. but I’m thankful to be in a job where children daily remind me of the joy of life. 

it’s true that everything is getting more expensive, but the difference is I have a God who provides. if I’m at a place where the cost of living is high, I’ll then trust that God will provide me with the finances I need, above and beyond so I can be a blessing. 


for myself; 

one month in and these are my ‘results’. not a stark improvement, not a fit body but I claim it in Jesus’ name 😌

tried the full one month pop Pilates 2 years back, and I thought I could easily restart it. WRONG. 2 years do a lot to your body especially when you don’t exercise. I found it so tough I started and restarted thrice over before I gave up completely. 

one day I randomly browsed through her workouts and saw the 5 min series and I thought, why not start small? so I started with 5 min of workout and in a matter of 3-4 days I felt like I eased into it and started adding more 5 min workouts. at the end of one month I do a rough 30 min of workout (almost) daily. Fridays are really tough cos of night commitments but one day off isn’t too bad la hor (comforts self). 

to be honest I started wanting to lose weight. I still do, but as I start feeling stronger each day, I realize that should be the ultimate goal. I just want to be healthy, to not pant so easily, to not take my health for granted. I’ve also come to accept that metabolism does slow down in the mid-20s so I’d rather start something now before it’s way too late. I regret starting late because with more to shed, it’s always harder. not gonna lie and say it gets easier as the days go by, but strength does progressively come in. I love ab workouts because the results are the most obvious and almost immediate! 

it’s impossible for me to eat clean so I’m not even going there, because I still believe life is to be enjoyed 😂 but you do reach an age where you appreciate health and try to eat healthier (doesn’t mean eating clean) and so my diet changes are so minor you wouldn’t even notice HAHAHAHA 
because, look… indulgent brother and sis-in-law who went to the pasar malam from our place, bought this and dropped by our place before going back home. 

Jesus take away all the fats 🙌🏻😂


circle of life 

how we’ve all grown (‘: 

in the past we hung out in macdonalds to mug. today we were in macs for the celebration of a new life, who will completely change our group dynamics forever, in a good way!

anw LOL just a side note. throughout this period of j’s exchange, I’ve had a few people asking me when they see me ‘so you miss him or not?’ I’m seriously quite amused because does anybody expect me to answer ‘no’? 

but I’m truly thankful for friends who check on me to make sure I’m okay, who take time out to hang out etc. you guys are keepers (:

now to look forward to hk and korea. 1.5 months to snow and food!


speak life. 

words either make or break your day. had email exchanges and phone conversations with 2 different parents and both put me in drastically different moods.

a reminder to myself that kind words build people up and harsh words tear people down. be in the business of loving and building people. we have no reason to tear anybody down. but in this fallen world, it’s important to meditate on what God says about you so what hurtful words people say will not have the power to tear you down. 

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and they who indulge in it shall eat the fruit of it [for death or life]. [Matt. 12:37.]” Proverbs‬ ‭18:21‬ ‭AMP‬‬

allow people to draw life from you because Jesus in you is the Way, the Truth and the Life. 


when it’s all about You. 

random non related photos to start the post. I love this little girl so so much! every stage she enters, I think it’s the cutest and most fun, but each one just supercedes the previous! not sure how that’s possible but I’m kinda sure this is the peak alr 😂😂😂 a few more years before she hits the annoying stage but I pray she’ll always find favor with people she comes into contact with (;
so anyways tonight J and I were talking about insecurities and thinking deeper, I realized it’s once again linked to love. insecurities come about because of lack of love, or lack of an understanding of how loved you are. 

the harder you strive to cover up your insecurities, the more obvious they are to the people around you. it doesn’t even take someone close to recognize those insecurities in you. 

the fact that you’re trying to prove yourself is because you want acceptance, and ultimately love. and striving is just showing people that you think you don’t have that love you need. if you think about it, that’s exactly what the brother of the prodigal son went through. 

seeing what his father did for the good-for-nothing younger brother, he exclaimed ‘walau eh I did so much for you and I get back nothing!’. aha, all these years he’s been trying to prove something to deserve his father’s love. it’s not that his father didn’t love him; he just didn’t recognize the love. he was insecure in who he is and had to work hard to be the son he thinks his father would approve of. oh my that’s just sad. 

but yet so many of us are like that. we work hard to win God’s love when we already have it. we work hard to win acceptance from others because we don’t know we alr have acceptance from the One who truly matters. 

it all boils down to love. the fundamental of life is love. God is love. if we ignore this, we search for acceptance that will never satisfy, we search for love that will never fulfill. 

Ps P talks about a life of rest all the time. it’s not about sitting there doing nothing. when you’re able to live life without striving, that’s rest. when you flow with the rhythm of grace, that’s rest. when you are settled from deep within your soul, that’s rest. we accept the love we think we deserve. but God gives us the love we don’t deserve. how can we then accept this love from God? when we stop looking at ourselves and start looking at God. when we shift our focus to Him and be Jesus-occupied, we can then allow that love into our hearts and lives and that changes the dynamics of how we live life. 

not the best writer and not sure if I accurately conveyed what I wanted to say, but this is sth that really resonates in my heart and I believe someone reading this needs to hear this (:

Jesus loves you, more than anyone else can and will. 







scenic photos like these bring out the wanderlust in me again. I cannot wait for December to come 😍 so many plans, so little time. 

God I need You to multiply December and my bank account 😁

I can’t believe we’re stepping into week 4 alr. as much as I want dec to come, I need time to slow down a little because I really like my classes, parents and colleagues I’m working with for this year. also need more time with the P4s before exams 😭 

Jesus I don’t know if I want time to fly or crawl but make it super purposeful amen. 

six months flew past so quickly with this guy but so many things happened in between that made it feel so long. the past month hasn’t been the easiest with so many breakdowns (on my part) but your gentle spirit really reminds me of the meekness of Jesus. thank you for agape-ing me back to wholeness. you’re a daily reminder of how much Daddy God loves me despite my imperfections (: to many more months and adventures 🍻 kidding, we don’t really drink tgt 😉

but J being on exchange makes me miss life in Hangzhou so so much. can hardly believe it’s been 5 years. oh, how things have changed. but oh, how some have remained, only to become better. like certain friendships (‘: 

sometimes I feel time is flying faster than my heart can keep up. keep reminding why it’s important to live in the present. I don’t always want to live life reminiscing what has gone by, because here and now is what truly matters.